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The fact is that not many people know that your dryer might never break down as long as you can pay them just a little bit of attention. Keeping the exhaust duct clear is one major thing you must always remember to do. The vents might get clogged up with fluff, hair, dust, and other muck. Any of these could easily make the motors, bearings, and other parts to stop working making you search for a dryer repair service. Usually, we advise households to ensure that before they dry each and every load of laundry they should clean the lint filter. Remember that you might start to find out that the bearings, motors, or heating element would seize up, the sensors are not shutting off, at the end of the cycle the clothes would still be damp and hot, the dryer may be making some horrendous noise, the clothes may be boiling hot after drying, or the drying time gets longer if the lint is not cleared. If you notice any of those faults mentioned above, simply come to us for your dryer repair, we serve areas NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey, Bronx, Rockland County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Albany and Westchester County.